Traffic Round Up


Today, many reservations were booked for Thanksgiving. This is the day restaurants have been waiting for. Jesse Housman is the owner of Bistro 821. “We’re sold out.” Housman says this Thanksgiving day is just what they needed. “It’s been a really rough year, and everybody needs to make money body sees the future as being certain so they want to make the money when it’s there to be made,” he said. Over at Bistro 821, they whipped up have a peek at this site traditional Thanksgiving dinners. Customers enjoyed the food and beautiful weather with their families. Gordon Stojkoski lives in Naples. “In these trying times, it’s very important that people can go out and sit down and have a nice dinner and drinks, especially on Thanksgiving,” said Stojkoski. Many went out for dinner in order to make the best of this situation this year created. “Where we are today, we can’t be with our family, so we figured it is less depressing to go out to eat than to sit at home by ourselves.” Thanksgiving proved to be a turning point for restaurants near Fifth Avenue in Naples.

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